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Welcome to Kappa Phi Gamma's Mu Chapter homepage! 

We are the Phirst and the Phinest!


Welcome to the Kappa Phi Gamma Sorority, Inc. Mu Chapter website! We are located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at Saint Joseph's University. Come look into our sisterhood and learn about the nation's Phirst and Phinest South Asian Interest Sorority. 

What is the New Member Education program?

More than anything,  the New Member Education Program is a time of learning.  During this learning process, a New Member gets educated about the proper values and visionaries of Kappa Phi Gamma Sorority, Inc. including its history.  Most importantly, during this time period, all New Members get to know the Sisters of the Sorority and vice versa.  

Are there any requirements for joining?

All new members are required to attend 1 informational and 2 additional rush events during rush week.  Also as a school requirement, rushees must maintain the required GPA for their program or a cumulative GPA of 2.5 to be eligible for an interview. 

If I work or am taking classes, will I have time for process?

One of the biggest characteristics of any successful individual is being able to manage his or her time most efficiently. Time management is one of the most important lessons that is taught during the New Member Education Program.  Since scholarship is one of our pillars we will work with you to make sure your school work is not compromised, although it is your sole responsibility to work efficiently.  We understand you may have other obligations besides the Sorority, but please keep in mind that the New Member Education Program is like taking another 3 credit course. ​

Will I be hazed?

No! Kappa Phi Gamma is a strictly non-hazing organization.  Any hazing incident would end up in expulsion of the member from Kappa Phi Gamma. Kappa Phi Gamma does not promote any underage drinking as well.

How much will it cost to be a New Member?

Kappa Phi Gamma does not charge its members fees to participate in the New Member Education Program.  

How much will it cost to be a part of Kappa Phi Gamma Sorority, Inc?

Kappa Phi Gamma charges dues as every other sorority and fraternity on campus. We are aware that you are a student in college therefore there are payment options available. 

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